Mucocutaneous manifestations of chikungunya fever

Syeda Summaya Jamal, Muhammad Irfan Anwar, Naveed Akhtar Malik, Naseema Kapadia


Objective To study the mucocutaneous manifestations of chikungunya fever (CHK) during acute and convalescent phase.


Methods We enrolled a total of 103 patients in this descriptive study from May 2017 to Oct 2017. Pateints were enrolled by purposive sampling technique. Data analysis was done by SPSS 16.


Results Cutaneous hyperpigmentation was found to be the most frequent (64.7%) change observed in both acute and convalescent phase. The predominant area of involvement was face (71%) and most common pattern was melasma like pigmentation (54.5%). Morbilliform rash was next common presentation (61.76%). Rash started cephalocaudally and later spread to chest and trunk.


Conclusion Morbilliform rash was the most common cutaneous presentation in acute CHK and hyperpigmentation was the most common sequela in convalescent phase.



Chikangunya Fever, Hyperpigmentation, Morbilliform rash

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