Disseminated Orf: An uncommon presentation

Maleeha Jawaid, Muhammad Irfan Anwar, Arfan Ul Bari


Orf or Ecthyma contagiosum is a viral dermatosis found mainly in animals, and in humans via zoonotic transmission from an infected animal. We herein, describe a case of Orf in an immunocompetent lady with a positive history of direct contact with a diseased animal in her neighbourhood. The patient presented to us in the out-patient department with multiple, large, ulcerated violaceous nodules on both her upper and lower limbs. The diagnosis was made on clinical grounds. It was later confirmed via histopathology. Where we might regard orf as a solitary appearing nodule, its unusual clinical patterns must not be missed in order to avoid unnecessary investigations and interventions.



Orf, Poxvirus, Ecthyma contagiosum

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