Lupus vulgaris of centrofacial area – a peculiar presentation

Arun Achar, Mrinal Besra, Arunasis Maiti, Priyaranjan Chatterjee, Chittaranjan Bar, Goutam Majumdar


Lupus vulgaris is a cutaneous manifestation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. It assumes various clinical forms including plaque, ulcerative, hypertrophic, vegetative, papular and nodular type. We here present an unusual case of a ten-year-old girl diagnosed as hypertrophic lupus vulgaris of centrofacial area including nose. Histopathological examination and bacteriological studies were carried out to establish the diagnosis. Unlike plaque type, hypertrophic variety is quite uncommon and only few cases have been reported. Its peculiar appearance on the face which is hardly described in previous literatures and well response to antitubercular therapy prompted us to report it.


Lupus vulgaris, centrofacial, hypertrophic, ATD therapy

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