Frequency of nickel sensitivity in patients with shoe dermatitis

Muhammad Saleem Khan, Shehla Shaukat, Tahir Jamil Ahmad


Objective To determine the frequency of positive patch tests for nickel in patients of shoe dermatitis.


Methods This was a descriptive study carried out in the outpatient department of Dermatology Unit-II, Mayo Hospital, Lahore. A total of 50 patients were inducted in the study with ages 12 and above and either sex, with shoe dermatitis. The patients were tested using patch tests with the allergen nickel sulfate hexahydrate 5% in petrolatum base using the European standard series.


Results Most of the patients were female i.e. 37 out of a total of 50. The mean age of patients was 31 years (14 to 65 years). Housewives and students were most commonly affected. 18% of the patients positively tested for nickel sulfate.


Conclusion Nickel sulfate hexahydrate is a frequent allergen causing shoe dermatitis .



Nickel sulfate, patch test, contact dermatitis

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