Psoriasis and subclinical atherosclerosis: A significant association

Amlan Kanti Biswas, Sanchaita Bala, Sumit Sen, Anindya Bandyopadhyay, Samir Chakraborty, Supriyo Choudhury, Atul Jain, Banashree Majumdar, Gobinda Chatterjee


Objective: To identify the presence of subclinical therosclerosis by measuring carotid intima medial thickness (IMT) in patients with psoriasis attending the dermatology clinic of a tertiary care hospital.

Methods: 30 patients who fulfilled the exclusion and inclusion criteria were recruited. 5 healthy persons devoid of known cardiovascular risk factors were registered as controls. Intima medial thickness of common carotid and vertebral arteries of both sides were measured by B mode ultrasound.

Results: Result showed that IMT and velocity of left common carotid artery and velocity in right vertebral artery were significantly greater in psoriatic patients than control group and psoriatic patients had 0.8 times greater risk of developing  atherosclerosis than control group.

Conclusion: Subclinical atherosclerosis remains undiagnosed in patients of psoriasis who usually lack the established risk factors for cardiovascular disease.


Psoriasis, atherosclerosis, intima medial thickness


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