Dermatosurgery in a teaching hospital: A significant contribution to the general and reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive Surgery


  • Tahir Kamal Kamal CPSP
  • Aneela Asghar Department of Dermatology, Lahore General Hospital/ PGMI/Ameer Uddin Medical College Lahore


Local anesthesia, Local Anesthesia, Dermatosurgery.


Introduction The field of Dermatological surgery has witnessed remarkable advances in the management of cutaneous lesions which require surgical removal or repair.   Objective To evaluate patients undergoing Dermatological surgery for efficacy, safely and complications under local anesthesia.   Methods A Retrospective analysis was performed on patients who underwent Dermatological surgery Under Local Anesthesia in Dermatology Department, Lahore General Hospital. The inclusion criteria included patients aged 10-70 years old and willingness to undergo surgery, providing informed consent. In this study, Total 70 cases from 1st April 2023 till 30th September 2023 were analyzed, who underwent Dermatological surgery under Local Anesthesia such as excision, incisional removal of cysts, Grafting for Non-healing ulcers, Advancements flap for wide excisional surgery near eyes/and Nose, Transposition flaps, W-plasty for Wide scars, incision drainage of Abscesses,, wound Debridement and local Tissue Repairs.   Results In this study, we performed surgeries under local anesthesia on 70 cases. Out of these 70 cases, 55 cases (78.5%), were of excisional surgeries which were sent for Histopathology and immunohistochemistry if needed. 2 cases (2.8%), of W plasties performed. 6 cases (8.5%), of Deep Debridement, 4 cases (5.7%), of advancement flaps and 3 cases (2.8%) of incision drainage performed. Patients reported minimal discomfort during procedures, with a mean pain of 2 out 10 on visual analogue scale. Furthermore 80% expressed satisfaction based on standardized Questionnaires in follow-up visit. Complications were rare, with only two cases developed infection, which was controlled with Anti biotic course.   Conclusion Dermatological surgeries under local anesthesia is an effective and safe option that may also help reduce cost, minimize Post-operative recovery time and avoid potential risks associated with General Anesthesia.  



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