Effects of combine treatment of tressfix and PRP on the levels of different micro ribonucleic acids among seborrheic eczema patients


  • Uzma Dost Muhammad Rajar Department of Dermatology, Isra University, Hala Road, Hyderabad, Sindh
  • Amin Fahim Professor of Pathology, People's University of Medical and Health Sciences for women, Shaheed Benazirabad.
  • Navaid Kazi Department of Physiology, Isra University, Hala Road, Hyderabad, Sindh


Platelet-Rich plasma, seborrheic dermatitis, MicroRNAs


Introduction The research aid in the identification of individual micro Ribonucleic Acids (miRNA) linked to the beneficial tissue healing responses found in patients receiving the medication. Hence the study is aimed to determine the effects of PRP and tressfix serum on the levels of miRNA among seborrheic eczema patients.   Methods The research comprised both male and female individuals between the ages of 18 and 65 who had mild to moderate seborrheic eczema. Participants were either unresponsive to traditional therapy or resistive to them. Individuals with immune-related diseases, bleeding disorders, active skin infections, serious medical illnesses, allergies to PRP or tressfix serum components, and those who were pregnant or nursing were not eligible.   Results The analyses of the findings had revealed that the levels of miRNA were significantly reduced p<0.05 in all the three groups with the significant reduction were observed in combine group in comparison to PRP and tressfix serum alone groups. In group A the expression of all miRNA were reduced significantly p<0.05 in comparison to miRNA expression in group B and group C. In group C the expression of two miRNAs that were has-mir-941 and hsa-miRNA-212 were reduced significantly whereas the levels of remaining three miRNA remain non-significantly unaltered.   Conclusion The study give evidence of the efficacy of the intervention, which combines platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with tressfix serum, in treating seborrheic eczema. The drop in miRNA levels across all three groups suggests that the therapy had a significant influence on the underlying molecular pathways involved in skin healing and inflammation. The combination group, in comparison to the other treatment groups, showed the most significant drop in miRNA levels.  


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