Challenge in reconstruction of facial defect using perialar crescentic advancement flap: Two case reports and single institution experience


  • Natalia Widjaja
  • Siswanto Wahab
  • Airin Nurdin
  • Khairuddin Djawad Hasanuddin University


Basal cell carcinoma, Perialar crescentic, Skin flap, Skin surgery


Reconstruction of defects located on the facial areas such as the upper lips can be challenging given the nearby important anatomical structures surrounding it and the limited availability of free margins between the lips and the nose. The use of crescentic advancement flap can therefore be useful as a reconstructive method where defects are located bordering certain anatomical sites with curved nature, making it an excellent surgical method for medium-sized defects such as located on the nasal ala. We report two cases of successful basal cell carcinoma (BCC) defect reconstruction in our institution utilizing the crescentic advancement flap. All patients achieved excellent results, both in cosmetical and functional aspects with minimal complications.


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Widjaja N, Wahab S, Nurdin A, Djawad K. Challenge in reconstruction of facial defect using perialar crescentic advancement flap: Two case reports and single institution experience. J Pak Assoc Dermatol [Internet]. 2024May6 [cited 2024May22];34(1):301-5. Available from:



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