Effect of Skinny Drip Method on Body Mass Index and Physical Appearance of Obese Population


  • Uzma Dost Muhammad Rajar Department of Dermatology, Isra University Hyderabad
  • Asher Ahmed Mashhood Department of Dermatology, Combined Military Hospital, Rawalpindi
  • Attiya Tareen Department of Dermatology, Foundation University Medical College Rawalpindi


Obesity, Body Mass Index, Lipid metabolism


Introduction The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of slim drip approach by mixing cartinex 1g/5ml, Liponex 300gm/12ml and Arginex 5g/10ml with a 500ml of normal saline being administered to patients for twice a week and to determine its effects on Body Mass Index and Physical appearance of patients after one month of intervention. Methodology A total number of n=400 participants were recruited. Informed consent was taken prior to induction and initial body mass index in kg/m2 was monitored Results The findings of this study had revealed that slimming drip had significantly p<0.005 reduced the body mass index of the participants where the mean values of BMI before the start of treatment were 38.12±4.85kg/m2 that had been reduced to 34.49±5.36 after one month of treatment. Conclusion The study had concluded that skinny drip treatment had produced a beneficial effect on hormonal levels and patient’s appearance.


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