Pattern of Dermatological Disorders in Paediatric Patients of DHQ Teaching Hospital, Gujranwala


  • Saumara Atif Dhq Hospital, Gujranwala
  • Nabeela Shahzadi Department of Dermatology, DHQ Hospital, Gujranwala
  • Nadia Ali Azfar Department of Dermatology, DHQ Hospital, Gujranwala
  • Zahid Tahir Department of Dermatology, DHQ Hospital, Gujranwala


Pediatric, dermatoses, health care planning, management, prevention


Abstract Objective To identify the pattern of various clinical presentations of skin disorders in pediatric patients of DHQ teaching hospital, Gujranwala for improving health care planning and management.   Methods. The query describes a descriptive, cross-sectional hospital-based study that included the patients of all genders and ages upto 14 years who visited the Dermatology Outpatient Department within a year. The diagnoses of patients were confirmed after detailed history, examinations and necessary investigations.   Results 9,526 children presented to the Dermatology Department. Out of those, 43% were males and 57% were females. Mean age noted was 5.5 years with standard deviation of 3.2 years. Scabies (32.2%), eczema (16.6%), tinea (13.4%), seborrheic dermatitis (4.3 %), furunculosis (4.0%), impetigo (3.7%), urticaria (3.0%), vitiligo  (2.8%), diaper candidiasis (2.6%), viral exanthemas (2.0%), carbuncle (1.9%), atopic dermatitis (1.7%), molluscum contagiosum (1.5%), alopecia areata (1.5%) and pityriasis versicolor (1.3%) were included in the group of more common dermatoses. Rest of dermatoses were divided into less commom (6.3%) and rare dermatoses (1.2%).   Conclusion There should be collaboration between pediatrician and dermatologist for the early diagnosis and management of most commonly observed dermatoses. It will reduce a lot of burden on our health care system.   Key words Pediatric, dermatoses, health care planning, management, prevention.



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