Progressive sarcoma Kaposi after COVID-19


  • Julia Molochkova
  • Maria Kartashova Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute ("MONIKI")
  • Maria Monaenkova Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute ("MONIKI")


Sarcoma Kaposi, COVID-19, immunosupression, HHV-8, SARS-CoV-2


This article deals with the sarcoma kaposi worsening after severe coronavirus infection.After 2 years of sarcoma Kaposi remission a 70-year-old male HIV-negative patient noted new violaceous skin nodules. A few months before he recovered from COVID-19. We present the case and review of literature.

Author Biographies

Julia Molochkova

Head of dermatology department

Maria Kartashova, Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute ("MONIKI")

researcher of dermatology department

Maria Monaenkova, Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute ("MONIKI")

junior researcher of dermatology department


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