Oral Mucosa Amalgam Tattoo: Literature Review

Oral Mucosa Amalgam Tattoo


  • Muhanad Alshami Department of Dentistry of Dijlah university college
  • Hiba H. Al-Rikaby


Amalgam tattoo, Oral mucosa, Pigmentation


Abstract Amalgam tattoo is a type of pigmentation that appears in the mouth due to small particles of dental amalgam becoming embedded in the soft tissues. Dental work such as placement or removal of silver fillings is the most common cause of amalgam tattoo, and it is more commonly found in people with a high number of fillings. The tattoo is usually asymptomatic and discovered during routine dental examinations. Treatment is generally not necessary, but if a patient is concerned about the appearance of the tattoo, there are a few options for removal. The histopathological picture of an amalgam tattoo typically shows the presence of small, dark granules or particles of dental amalgam within the soft tissues of the oral cavity. A proper clinical and histopathological evaluation is necessary to accurately diagnose and distinguish an amalgam tattoo from other more serious conditions. The radiographic image of an amalgam tattoo may show a radiopaque object in the soft tissues of the oral cavity. It can occur due to various factors, including dental procedures, trauma, overloading of amalgam fillings, and poor oral hygiene.


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