Impact of acne vulgaris on quality of life and psychopathological symptomatology among young adults


  • sania mehreen
  • saba Ghayas
  • Aysha Mazhar Awan Lahore general hospital
  • sadia niazi


Background Acne vulgaris is a physical problem but it significantly influences the quality of life and psychopathological symptomatology of individuals.   Methods The study comprised of 200 young adults. A hundred participants were with acne vulgaris and a hundred participants were without acne vulgaris. An equal number of men and women were given representation in the sample. The scales used to assess the variables of the study were WHO– Brief Quality of Life Scale and Depression, Stress, Anxiety Scale (DASS).   Results The level of depression and anxiety was significantly higher among the participants with acne vulgaris while quality of life appeared to be higher in participants without acne vulgaris.   Conclusion Acne vulgaris drastically influence the quality of life and increase the chances of psychological disturbances.  






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