Analysis of antibiotics prescribed to patients attending dermatology OPD of a teaching hospital in Rohilkhand region


  • Swati Gupta Rohilkhand medical college hospital
  • Suganita Singh Rohilkhand medical college hospital
  • Praveen Kumar Rathore Rohilkhand medical college hospital


Antibiotics, dermatology OPD, prescription pattern.


Background  To assess the prescription pattern of antibiotics in dermatology OPD of a teaching tertiary care hospital.   Methods All the prescriptions issued to the patients attending the DVL OPD from October 2019 to January 2020 were recorded and evaluated for antibiotics used.   Results Out of the total number of prescriptions (21,015) issued in dermatology OPD in the study duration, prescriptions including antibiotics were 3,010. Antibiotics were most commonly prescribed for steroid induced rosacea followed by acne vulgaris followed by secondary infection over primary dermatosis. Oral, topical and injectable modes were used to administer antibiotics. The most common mode of administration was combination of oral and topical antibiotics.  Total of 5,768 antibiotics drugs were prescribed in 3,010 prescriptions. Oral antibiotic drugs used in 2,679 prescriptions were 3,267, most common being doxycycline followed by cefadroxil. Injectables were prescribed only in 3 patients. Topical antibiotic prescriptions were 2,437. Total number of topical antibiotics drugs used were 2498, most common being metronidazole followed by clindamycin.   Conclusion A good prescribing pattern was found in our study resulting in rational use of antibiotics in dermatology OPD. It was found that alternate therapy was considered wherever possible. Such study conducted periodically helps in identifying the mistakes and correcting them. Hence, aids in preventing antibiotic resistance.  

Author Biographies

Swati Gupta, Rohilkhand medical college hospital

Junior resident, Department of skin and VD

Suganita Singh, Rohilkhand medical college hospital

Assistant professor, Department of skin and VD

Praveen Kumar Rathore, Rohilkhand medical college hospital

Professor, Department of skin and VD


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