Acral Becker’s nevus: A very rare unusual site presentation.

Tasleem Arif


A 31 year old male presented with brownish hyperpigmentation over dorsal aspect of right hand and forearm for eight years. The pigmentation started at dorsal aspect of hand which spread to a diameter of several centimeters and with time new patches developed more proximally over distal forearm and fused with it. On examination, there was brownish hyperpigmented macular pigmentation of the size 10cm x 4cm with irregular margins present on the dorsal aspect of right hand and distal one fourths of the forearm associated with hypertrichosis . Rest of the cutaneous and systemic examination was unremarkable. Histopathology was consistent with Beckers nevus. Based on history, suggestive clinical findings and further supported by histopathology, a diagnosis of acral Becker’s nevus was made.

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ISSN: 1560-9014