Palisaded encapsulated neuroma: A unique presentation

Anup Kumar Tiwary, SS Chaudhary, D Mishra, Jahan Jahan


Palisaded encapsulated neuroma(PEN) is a benign intraneural neuroma presenting as a  solitary, sessile,immobile, asymptomatic, skin-coloured papule or nodule, commonly affecting  the butterfly area of the face of a middle-aged person.It is not associated with  neurofibromatosis or multiple endocrine neoplasia.We hereby report a unique case presenting  with a firm,nodular growthover the posteromedial aspect of right kneewhich progressively  increased in size over one year.On the basis of histopathologic findings,diagnosis of palisaded  encapsulated neuroma was made.It is imperativeto diagnose it histopathologically, because it  is more commonly misdiagnosed clinically with schwannoma and neurofibroma.


Palisaded, encapsulated,neuroma

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