A case of granuloma faciale

Farah Sameem, Qazi Manaan Masood, Ummer Yaseen, Qazi Masood Ahmad


A 60-year-old housewife reported with a raised red lesion on the left cheek since the last four months. Local examination revealed a well-defined erythematous indurated plaque 3×3 cm2 with geographical borders on the left cheek close to the angle of mouth. Routine investigations were normal. Histopathology revealed loosely scattered granulomas in the dermis with lymphocytes, plasma cells, neutrophils and eosinophils. A disease free Grenz zone was seen. A diagnosis of
granuloma faciale was made and the patient was put on intralesional steroid therapy. She continues to be on regular follow up.


Granuloma faciale

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ISSN: 1560-9014