A case of zosteriform verrucous epidermal nevus at an unusual location

Yugandar Inakanti, Shiva Kumar, Akshaya Nagaraja, Srilakshmi Peddireddy, Dr. Abhiram, GB Meghana, Sujalalitha Kotla


Verrucous epidermal nevus is a common type of keratinocyte hamartoma present at birth or occurring later in life. It affects about one in every thousand live births. It is seen at any site, usually found on the lower extremities but is less common on the head and neck. We present a unique case of a female patient aged 12 years affected by zosteriform verrucous epidermal nevus over neck, a rare presentation.



Epidermal nevus, epidermal verrucous nevus, keratinocytes, zosteriform

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