Syringomas over forearm: A case report

Somenath Sarkar, Souvik Sardar, Arpit Shrimal, Soumyajit Roychoudhury


Syringomas are benign intraepidermal tumour of eccrine sweat ducts mostly found in women at the time of adolescence. Most commonly, lower eyelids are involved and few may occur in the scalp, axillae, abdomen, forehead, penile area and vulva. Syringomas over the forearms are less commonly found. The lesions commonly present as small, multiple, skin to yellowish coloured papules. We present a case of 35-year-old lady with multiple hyperpigmented flat smooth surfaced papules only over the extensors of the forearms symmetrically for the last 1 year with no other cutaneous and systemic manifestations. Histopathological examination confirmed the diagnosis.


Syringoma, intraepidermal tumour, eccrine sweat duct, forearms

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