Dermatoses in pregnancy: Specific dermatoses vis-a-vis others, in a tertiary hospital in Kolkata

Sudip Das, Sayantani Chakraborty, Suchibrata Das, Joyeeta Choudhury, Loknath Ghosal


Objective To document the frequency of specific and other dermatoses in pregnancy.


Methods Two hundred and twenty five consecutive pregnant patients irrespective of the duration of pregnancy and gravidity reporting to our skin OPD were enrolled in the study. Out of them, 218 patients who gave consent were included in the study.


Results The specific dermatoses of pregnancy were subclassified into four main groups - atopic eruption of pregnancy (AEP), polymorphic eruption of pregnancy (syn. pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) [PEP], pemphigoid gestationis (PG), intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP). 39 (68.4%) patients belonged to AEP, 14 (24.5%) to PEP, and 1 (1.8%) to PG and 3 (5.2%) to ICP. About half of the patients with AEP were found to have raised IgE level. Five STD patients were reported in the first trimester, 2 in second and 7 in third trimester. Patients reported with molluscum contagiosum (4), genital herpes (4), condyloma acuminata (3), primary chancre (1) and condyloma lata (1). One patient with molluscum contagiosum was HIV positive. Among the non STD other dermatoses in pregnancy, scabies topped the list affecting in all trimesters. Fungal infections (tinea and pityriasis versicolor) was a close second. One case each of pompholyx, psoriasis, and leprosy reported to us.


Conclusion Early diagnosis of specific dermatosis of pregnancy may prevent harmful effect on mother and fetus.



Pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, dermatoses

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