Pacinian neurofibroma: A rare case report

Dr. Kardiana, Dr. Muslimin


A 25-year-old, Javanese, Indonesian, female presented with large bumps on the buttocks, hip, and lower abdomen for last 15 years. Local examination revealed multiple, soft, sagging tumor masses that seemed hanging, fused, hyperpigmented, with varying sizes, from the smallest diameter about 1 cm to the largest of 40 cm x 30 cm on the right buttock, 35 cm x 30 cm on the left buttock where both spread up to the hips and lower abdomen, with sharp demarcation, wrinkling and loosening of the surface of the skin. Routine investigations were normal. Histopathology revealed proliferation of fibrous connective tissue accompanied with whorled structures Pacinian bodies that showed no sign of malignancy. Immunohistochemistry examination with antibodies against protein S-100 showed tumor cells with positive immunoreactivity. A diagnosis of Pacinian neurofibroma was made.


Pacinian neurofibroma, Pacinian bodies, S-100 antibodies

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