Dermatoscopical features of cutaneous leishmaniasis

Dindar Sharif Qurtas, Sargul Maghdid Asaad


Introduction Cutaneous leishmaniasis can be diagnosed clinically. Skin smear, culture and polymerase chain reaction are helpful in the diagnosis. Dermatoscopy as diagnostic noninvasive technique used previously in some cases but with limited number of reports.


Materials and Methods Cross sectional study conducted on 26 patients with 152 cutaneous leishmaniasis lesions. These lesions were distributed into two groups; facial lesions (n=51) and lesion on other parts of the body (n=101). The obtained data analyzed through specialized software SPSS version 22.


Results Twenty six patients, 23(88.4%) males and 3 (11.6%) were females. Among facial lesions of cutaneous leishmaniasis the most common features was erythema (90.2%) while in case of skin lesions in other parts of the body central ulceration (90.1%) was the most common feature seen on dermatoscopy. Regarding blood vessels on dermatoscopy that was most frequently found were comma shaped structures (49%) and linear irregular blood vessels (51.5%) in facial and other parts of the body respectively.


Conclusion Findings of dermatoscopy vary according to body location of the skin lesions. Generalize erythema and central ulceration were the commonest features found on dermatoscopy of cutaneous leishmaniasis.



Cutaneous leishmaniasis; dermatoscopy; facial lesions; body lesions

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