Clinical, pathological and dermoscopic correlation of non-infectious papulosquamous disorders (psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus and pityriasis rosea) of skin - A cross-sectional study

Praneet Awake, Shruti Dewang, P.L. Chandravathi, Mir Mubbashir Ali


Background  Dermoscope is a non-invasive diagnostic tool, allowing rapid and magnified in-vivo observation of the skin. Certain combinations and characteristic patterns of dermoscopic features of papulosquamous diseases are more predictive for their diagnosis.


Aims To study and correlate the dermoscopic features of non-infectious papulosquamous di`seases of skin and compare the findings in our study with previous studies.


Materials and Methods A cross-sectional study, including total of 240 cases, 125 males and 115 females, of all ages was done for a period of 2 years. The dermoscopic features and histopathological finding of the lesions from each patient were analysed. Descriptive and inferential statistical analysis has been carried out in the present study.


Results  There was a statistically significant difference in dermoscopic patterns between psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus and pityriasis rosea groups as determined by one-way ANOVA. An analysis of variance showed the significant effect of background color, type of vessels, pattern of vessels, scale color, scale distribution and wikhams striae in the diagnosis. Dermoscopic diagnosis was of 87 (87.7%) in case of psoriasis, 48 (84.2%) in case of eczema, 56 (93.3%) in case of lichen planus and 21 (84%) in case of pityriasis rosea. Overall positive clinico-histopathological and dermoscopic correlation of 88.3% was observed.


Conclusion  Clinical use of dermoscopy in inflammatory dermatosis improves diagnostic ability and improves fundamental aspects of daily practice such as improvement of morphologic knowledge for visual tele-dermatology and in addition plays a psychological placebo effect on patients suffering from common inflammatory dermatosis.



dermoscopy; red globules; wickhams striae; psoriasis; lichen planus; eczema; pityriasis rosea

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