Cutaneous manifestations of systemic sclerosis

Veeresh Dyavannanavar, Shashikant Malkud


Background  Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is a multi-system disorder that affects skin and other organ systems. It is a disease of unknown etiology with an interplay between vascular and collagen maturation factors. It has varied mucocutaneous manifestations and immunological features that are helpful in initial diagnosis and subsequent classification of the disease.


Objective To study the mucocutaneous manifestations and immunological profile in patients of SSc.


Methods  Thirty one patients of SSc attending to dermatology department over a period of 2 years were included in the study. Detailed history regarding age, sex, occupation, duration of complaints and evolution of the lesions were noted. Routine laboratory investigations, biochemical and immunological profile were done.


Results The common presenting features were Raynaud’s phenomenon in 30 (96.7%), pigmentary changes in 29 (93.5%), sclerodactyly in 28 (90.3%), microstomia 25 (80.6%), fingertip ulceration and scarring in 18 (58.1%) and flexion contractures of the fingers in 10 (32.2%) patients. Mucosal and nail changes were observed in 8 (25.8%) and 10 (32.2%) patients respectively.  Diffuse cutaneous SSc was noted in 17 (54.8%) and limited cutaneous SSc in 14 (45.2%) patients. Twenty (64.5%) patients tested positive for ANA.


Conclusion  The study showed the spectrum of mucocutaneous and immunological profile of SSc patients in south Indian population.



diffuse, limited, sclerosis

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