Efficacy of combined parenteral meglumine antimoniate and oral allopurinol with meglumine antimoniate alone in treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis

Jamshida Iqbal Khattak, Dr. Ghafoor Ullah, Col. Qamar uddin Khan


Objective To compare the efficacy of combined parenteral Meglumine Antimoniate and oral Allopurinol with Meglumine Antimoniate alone in the treatment of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis.


Study Design  Randomized controlled trial.


Place and duration of study Department of Dermatology, Combined Military Hospital, Peshawar from May 2016- Oct 2016.


Methods A total of 112 patients presenting with Cutaneous leishmaniasis were included in the study and randomly allocated in two groups. In group I participants received combined therapy with oral allopurinol 15mg/kg/day and parenteral meglumine antimoniate 15mg/kg/day while group II participants received only meglumine antimoniate 15mg/kg/day. Follow up was done at 8th week and results were recorded.


Results  The mean age of the whole study sample was 27.4±4.6 years. In group I the efficacy was observed in 83.9% of patients compared to 73.2% in group II (p 0.167).


Conclusion Our study concluded that the combination therapy (MA plus CL) is more effective in treating CL than isolation therapy with MA alone. More randomized controlled trials with larger sample sizes are highly recommended to draw more conclusive results and generate further evidence for uniform decision making in the treatment of CL.



Cutaneous leishmaniasis; maglumine antimoniate; allopurinol

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