A split face comparative study to evaluate the efficacy of skin microneedling and platelet rich plasma (PRP) combination versus skin microneedling alone for treatment of post acne scars

Saurabh Sharma, Tanreet Kaur, Roopam Bassi


Background Treatment of acne scars involves a concoction of various treatment modalities. Minimally invasive procedures like microneedling along with platelet rich plasma are new combination modalities used for scar remodeling with lesser downtime and side effects.


Methods The present study was conducted on 40 patients having Goodman and Baron’s acne scar grade II-IV. The efficacy of PRP in combination with microneedling was compared to microneedling alone in the treatment of post acne scars. Right half of the patient’s face was taken as study side where microneedling was done followed by PRP injections. The left half of the same patient’s face was taken as control side where microneedling was done followed by normal saline injections.


Results The combination therapy of microneedling along with PRP improved the scar grading significantly, with the decrease of the mean of Goodman and Baron’s grade from 3.20±0.40 at baseline, to 2.13±0.56 at final treatment whereas  on the left half of patient’s face mean acne scar grade reduced from 3.20± 0.40 to 2.36±0.56 at final treatment.


Conclusion Combination approach using dermaroller and PRP is a better option than using dermaroller alone in atrophic acne scars for clinical improvement although the association is not statistically significant.



Microneedling, Platelet rich plasma, Acne scars, Dermaroller

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