Skin disorders in patients with primary psychiatric conditions

Altaf Qadir, Ghazala Butt, Iman Aamir, Faria Asad


Objective To determine the frequency of skin dermatosis in patients with primary psychiatric conditions.

Methods This cross-sectional study was conducted in the Fountain House, Lahore, which is a tertiary care center for psychiatric patients having indoor and outdoor facility. All the admitted psychiatric patients (294) were enrolled in the study. They were thoroughly examined for any skin dermatosis. Out of 294, skin disorders were seen in 172 (58.5%) patients, 89 (60.6%) males and 58 (39.4%) females. The most common primary psychiatric conditions was schizophrenia 47.5% followed by patients of substance abuse 26.5%, bipolar disorder 13.1%, depression and psychosis each in 8.2%. 2.7% patients were manic. Of the study group, 16.3% patients had infective dermatoses and the rest had noninfective dermatoses. A high incidence of generalized xerosis and pruritus was seen in both males and females. Among noninfective dermatoses, 10.1% had eczema, 6.2% acne, 5% melasma, 4.1% palmoplantar keratoderma, 3.2% neurotic excoriations, 3.2% dermatitis artifacta, 2.7% trichotillomania, 2.1% miliaria, and 1.4% had ichthyosis.

Conclusion A high incidence of fungal infections mainly tinea versicolor and onychomycosis was seen in the patients with primary psychiatric conditions.


Psychiatric patients, skin disorders

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