Evaluation of quality of life in parents of the patients with vitiligo by Persian version of the family dermatology life quality index (FDLQI) in Kerman

Farajzadeh Saeedeh, Safizadeh Hossein, Mohammadi Saman, Khalili Maryam, Amiri Rezvan, Aflatoonian Mahin, Maryam Azizian


Background  Vitiligo can have negative effects on different aspects of life of the patients and their families including financial and occupational issues, social relationship and selection of leisure time activities. In this study for the first time in Iran we evaluated effects of vitiligo on family members of the patients.


Material and Methods We performed a cross sectional study on 150 of family members of the patients with vitiligo in Afzalipour hospital in Kerman. Family Dermatology Life Quality Index (FDLQI) questionnaire was used for measuring quality of life. FDLQI questionnaire was completed by family members of the patients. Data were analyzed with SPSS 18(SPSS Statistics, IBM, Armonk, NY, USA).  We used Pearson correlation test, t-Test and ANOVA for analysis.


Results Mean age of the family members was 41.2 years and most of the responders were female (73.3%). Mean score of FDLQI was 6.1±6.1. The highest scores belonged to psychosocial and financial effects. The lowest scores belonged to questions about occupational and educational issues.


Conclusion There was a reverse correlation between family dermatology life quality index and patient’s age. Parents and children of the patients with atopic dermatitis had the worst and best quality of life, respectively.



Quality of life, vitiligo, Persian, family

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