Association of melasma with iron deficiency anemia and thyroid disease in females at a tertiary care hospital of Pakistan

Asma Javed Kiayani, Farid ur-Rehman, Huma Afzal Shaikh, Urooj Mirza, Amna Malik, Faiza Mirza


Objective To determine the association of melasma with iron deficiency anemia and thyroid diseases in females of a tertiary care hospital of Pakistan.


Patients and Methods  In this retrospective study, the data of 100 adult females with melasma was retrieved from medical records by using the medix system software of the Hospital. Patients’ serum TSH, T3, T4, ferritin and complete blood count was collected.


Results  The mean age of presentation was 30 years. 31% of melasma patients were found to have anemia with mean Hb level 11.5g/dl. Mean serum ferritin level was 64.9 ng/ ml.  Mean serum T4 and TSH were in normal range in all the patients.


Conclusion There is no association of melasma with iron deficiency anemia and thyroid diseases in females of a tertiary care hospital of Pakistan.



Melasma, anemia, thyroid function test

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