Prevalence of psoriasis in Bangladesh: A community based survey

Mohammed Saiful Islam Bhuiyan, Md. Sahidullah Sikder, Mostaque Mahmud, Ashim Kumar Nandy, Md. MdAtiqul Haque


Background Psoriasis is a global disease in its occurrence and diverse in its clinical characteristics.


Aim The prevalence of psoriasis in Bangladesh is unknown with lack of local epidemiological data and in most of studies on psoriasis data from western countries are used.


Methods This population-based cross sectional survey was conducted from March 2017 to February 2018. A total of 15,000 individuals were enrolled from 500 randomly selected households from six sub-districts (upazila) of Bangladesh. A psoriasis screening tool was used for initial diagnosis and confirmed by consultant dermatologists and then point prevalence of psoriasis was calculated.


Results The point prevalence of all types of psoriasis was 0.7% where plaque type was common variant (81%). The most common presenting symptoms were itching (68%), burning (27%) and joint pain (18%). Seasonal change, stressful life event, throat sore and drugs were found common aggravating factors for psoriasis.


Conclusion Psoriasis is fairly common in Bangladesh and comparable to the findings of other Asian countries.



Psoriasis, prevalence, epidemiology, Bangladesh

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