Crops of Papules and papulonodular plaques- An unusual presentation of cutaneous metastasis- A case report and literature review

Zaima Sohail Chaudhry, Aisha Ghias, Aneela Asghar, Tahir Jamil Ahmad


Cutaneous Metastasis refers to a growth of neoplastic cells in the skin originating from an internal malignancy. Morphologically the metastasis could take multiple morphologies. We report a case of cutaneous metastasis in a female of age 34 years. She initially presented with a 2 years history of progressive appearance of multiple asymptomatic clusters of monomorphic papulonodular lesions widespread on her trunk, lower limbs and genitalia later developed dyspnoea and weight loss. Chest CT showed moderate pleural effusion and multiple lymphadenopathies and right sided lung mass/consolidation. Histopathological evidences of cutaneous biopsy revealed cutaneous metastasis consistent with the lung primary.



Malignant epithelial neoplasm, metastasis, papulonodules

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