A case of urticaria pigmentosa

Tulika Rai, Dr. Urfi, S.A Zia, Rana K. Sherwani, Ruquiya Afrose


Urticaria pigmentosa is the most common variant of cutaneous mastocytosis. A three and a half-month-old female child presented with generalized eruption of multiple brownish macular and papular lesions on the trunk, limbs, face and neck of two months duration. On stroking the individual lesion, there was formation of wheal and erythema (Darier's sign positive). Histopathological examination of lesional skin and staining with Giemsa stain and hematoxylin eosin showed infiltration of numerous spindle shaped mast cells in perivascular and periappendageal location in the upper dermis. These findings were suggestive of mastocytosis. There was no systemic involvement. We present a typical case of urticaria pigmentosa."


Mastocytosis, Darier's sign, Giemsa stain, mast cells, urticaria pigmentosa

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