Disseminated cutaneous leiomyoma in a young male: A case report

Umer Mushtaq, Huma Saleem, Shahnawaz Hashmi


Leiomyomas are rare benign tumours, arising most commonly from the arrector pili muscles (pilar leiomyomas), from tunica media of blood vessels (angioleiomyomas) or from genital skin muscles (dartoic leiomyomas). We report a case of disseminated cutaneous leiomyoma in a 26-year-old Asian male who presented with multiple red and dusty brown coloured firm nodules on his upper chest, left arm, left leg and upper back. The case was diagnosed on dermatopathology and with immunohistochemical studies. Considering the widespread disease, surgical excision was not possible. Patient improved symptomatically with pregablin and is under regular follow-up. We report this case because cutaneous leiomyoma is a rare disease and it usually does not present in a disseminated pattern.  



Leiomyomas, nodules, disseminated pattern

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