A randomized study of eflornithine cream combined with intense pulsed light versus intense pulsed light treatment alone for hirsutism in women

Tahir Shehzad, Farah Iqbal, Neelam Iqbal


Objective To document the efficacy of concomitant use of eflornithine cream and intense pulsed light (IPL) in disease clearance in hirsutism in women.


Methods This was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of eflornithine cream combined with IPL treatment versus IPL alone for treatment of hirsutism in women. All subjects underwent treatment with IPL every 4 weeks for 8 sessions. Each patient also applied either eflornithine or placebo cream twice daily to each side of face in a double-blinded manner. Patients were evaluated for efficacy via hair count analysis and patient self-assessment.


Results Both treatment modalities were well tolerated by 40 patients. The outcome measures showed significantly better results in favour of eflornithine plus IPL versus IPL alone. At the end of study almost complete hair removal was achieved in 38 of 40 (95%) of eflornithine + IPL sites versus 31 of 40 (77%) for the placebo cream+ IPL treated sites (P=0.021). Statistically significant differences in favour of eflornithine were seen.


Conclusion Combination of eflornithine to IPL results in more rapid and complete reduction of unwanted facial hair in women.



Eflornithine, intense pulsed light, hirsutism

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