Incidence of psoriatic arthritis in Iraqi psoriatic patients according to serological tests

Wisal Salman Abd


The present study was accomplished on 82 patients 52 with psoriasis and 30 with psoriatic arthritis (PsA). Age of incidence was 48 years, 42 were female with mean age 39 years and 40 were male with mean age 42 years. Anti-CCP antibodies were estimated using ELISA technique while rheumatoid factor (RF) and C- reactive protein (CRP) were tested using latex serological methods. Ten (50%) PsA patients was positive with Anti-CCP while 5 (16.7%) patients were positive with RF, 1 cutaneous psoriatic patient (1.9%) had positive Anti-CCP and no patients with cutaneous psoriasis had positive RF. RF can help in distinguishing between RA and psoriasis. Seven (23.3%) PsA patients were followed-up for Anti-CCP antibodies for 1 year every 3 months. There was an observed increased in levels of Anti-CCP antibodies. It could be concluded that Anti-CCP antibody is a good indicator for the follow up study and progression of PsA.


psoriastic arthritis, psoriasis, anticcp.

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ISSN: 1560-9014