A study of pattern of cutaneous manifestations in patients with diabetes mellitus

Daniel Henry, Adarshlata Singh


Background Diabetes is a common endocrine disease which can present with different cutaneous manifestations. Skin can act as a mirror for various systemic diseases including diabetes. For example candidial balanitis & recurrent folliculitis can help in diagnosing diabetes. Autoimmune skin diseases like vitiligo & Alopecia areata are mostly associated with type 1 diabetes. Various skin manifestation can appear in diabetes due to the disease or due to antidiabetic drugs. Thus keeping this in view we have undertaken this study.


Objective To study the pattern of various cutaneous manifestations in diabetic patients and to study their clinical correlation.


Subjects and Methods A cross sectional observational study was performed on 251 patients (159males and 92 females) attending the dermatology outpatient department.  A detailed dermatological examination was done and findings were recorded.


Results Fungal infections were most common infections associated with diabetes and in non infectious condition skin tags and   acanthosis nigricans were most common.


Conclusion We conclude that fungal infections, skin tags and acanthosis nigricans are most commonly associated with diabetes.




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