A case of WATERING CAN PERINEUM caused by Neisseria gonorrhea in a seropositive patient and its serendipitous response to co-trimoxazole

Ajeet Singh, Sidharth Tandon, Kabir Sardana, Konchok Dorjay


Gonorrhoea is a common sexually transmitted disease caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae. In the modern era of broad-spectrum antibiotics, urethral fistulae (watering can perineum) are one of the rare sequelae of chronic gonococcal infection. Here, we report a case of gonococcal urethritis and watering can perineum in a seropositive patient. The recent worldwide emergence of multidrug-resistant strains of gonococci is alarming. In the present era of HIV pandemic, ineffective treatment of the patient or their partners for gonorrhea may result in the development of these complications.



Gonorrhoea, AIDS, Watering can perineum, co-trimoxazole

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