The Wooden Spatula – an innovative way of reducing upper lip discomfort in Laser hair reduction. A half –half comparative study

Sudhir U K Nayak, Smitha Prabhu, Shafia Nisar Kakroo, Shrutakirthi Damodar Shenoi


Objective Upper lip laser hair reduction (LHR) in females is a common aesthetic procedure, Procedural pain is a well-known side effect, and is countered by various methods. Here we describe a cost effective, non-time consuming simple technique for pain reduction. We evaluated the efficacy of properly placed gauze piece covered wooden spatula in reducing upper lip pain and discomfort.


Methods  Prospective, non-blinded, split face comparative study. Twelve patients were included. LHR was performed on left side of the upper lip, pain score noted by visual analogue score, and then performed on the right side after using gauze covered spatula as a barrier between the lased skin and gum. Statistical analysis used: two tailed paired sample T- test.


Results The pain scores before and after using the spatula were analysed and there was considerable reduction in pain in 10 out of 12 patients, which was statistically validated by the paired t test. All except one patient, requested use of spatula in further sittings.


Conclusion The use of spatula as a simple, time and cost effective adjunct for pain reduction in upper lip laser hair reduction was validated. A small sample size was a  limitation here. The sitting at which the spatula was used is not a confounding factor as this is a split study where we have compared almost simultaneous reduction in pain. Spatula is an economical, cost effective, non time consuming way of pain reduction in upper lip laser patients.



Wooden spatula, laser hair reduction, pain reduction, upper lip

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