Clinical spectrum of pediatric dermatoses at a tertiary care unit

Rabia Mukhtar, Nadia Ali Azfar, Lamees Mahmood Malik, Muhammad Jahangir, Tariq Rashid


Objective To determine the clinical spectrum of pediatric dermatoses at a tertiary care unit.


Methods Three hundred and fifty cases aged up to 12 years, presenting to dermatology unit I, Jinnah Hospital, Lahore with skin diseases were enrolled over a period of 6 months. Detailed history and physical examination were done to diagnose the skin lesions. All the information was collected on a specially designed proforma.


Results A total of 350 children with skin diseases, 186 (53.1%) males and 164 (46.9%) females were seen. The mean age of patients in the study was 4.18±2.97 years. Infections and infestations were the common dermatoses seen in 158 (45.1%) and 105 (30%) children, respectively. Eczema was present in 79 (22.6%) patients and diseases of sweat gland in 8 (2.3%).


Conclusion Infection and infestations were seen as the most common pediatric dermatoses. 



Pediatric dermatoses, clinical spectrum, viral infections, fungal infections, infestation

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