Association of dyslipidemia with psoriasis

Uzma Akbar Mirza, Ijaz Hussain, Usma Iftikhar


Objective To determine association between psoriasis and dyslipidemia.


Methods This cross-sectional study was done at Dermatology Department, Lahore General Hospital, Lahore. Non-probability convenient sampling 106 cases and 106 age-and gender-matched controls) were included in this research. Blood samples from both cases and controls were taken after fasting of 12 hours. Informed consent was taken in order to determine the level of their lipid profile. SPSS 21 version was utilized to evaluate the collected data.


Results The mean age of cases and controls in current study was 31.74± 5.27 and 31.24 ±5.29 years, respectively. In cases there were 51 (48.1%) female and 55(51.9%) male patients while in control group, there were 68 (64.1%) males and 38 (35.9%) females. There was significant association of cases and dyslipidemia and there were 54 times more chances of having dyslipidemia for cases. The overall logistic model showed that there were 219.633 times more chances of dyslipidemia for cases, moreover, raised triglyceride and low HDL had significant association with cases while age and gender have no significant role.


Conclusion Dyslipidemia is positively associated with psoriasis regardless of age, gender and severity of disease. As dyslipidemia is a major risk factor for microvascular complications and proved risk factor for cardiovascular disease, we must include serum fasting lipid profile as a routine investigation in psoriatic patients and early screening must be ensured to minimize the risk of cardio vascular diseases.



Psoriasis, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease, lipid profile

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