A Clinico-pathological study of lichen planus in a tertiary care hospital in North Karnataka

Pradeep Vittal Bhagwat, Sujatha Patil, Chandramohan Kudligi


Objective To document the incidence, various clinical manifestations and its correlation with histopathological findings.


Methods A total of 100 lichen planus patients attending outpatients, in the department of dermatology at Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences Hubballi were included. Detailed history, thorough physical examination, relevant investigations were done.


Results Out of all dermatological outpatient, LP constituted 0.47% of the cases.42% belonged to the age group of 26-40 years, with a female to male ratio of 1.08:1. The disease was more common among housewives (47%), in middle (57%) and low (43%) socioeconomic status people. Majority (60%) of the patients presented within 6 months of duration. 96% of the patients had pruritus. Papular LP was commonest type. Only skin was involved in 86%, skin and mucous membrane were involved in 14%. The commonest site was lower limbs (92%) followed by the upper limbs (82%), trunk (42%). Among oral lesions, reticular type was the commonest over buccal mucosa. Koebner phenomenon was observed in 55% of the patients and nail involvement was seen in 6% of the cases. Histopathological changes of cutaneous LP showed hyperkeratosis (88%), hypergranulosis (87%), lymphocytic infiltration in a band like pattern (87%) in majority of the specimens.


Conclusion This study emphasizes the need for detailed history, clinical examination, investigations including biopsy in a case of LP as it can present with various clinical morphology and sites of involvement.



Lichen planus, histopathology

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