Medical form for a patient with malignant melanoma of the skin, made in accordance to the most recent guidelines for diagnosing, treating and monitoring the disease

Strahil Strashilov, Veselin Kirov, Angel Yordanov, Vasil Nanev, Miroslava Mihailova, Ilko Iliev


The malignant melanoma of the skin is a vary  rare malignant tumor, originating from the epidermal melanocytes. In Bulgaria the average morbidity is 6.5/100000. The tumor affects the younger age and often metastasizes in the early stages of the disease. MM of the skin is also the tumor with the highest rate of increase of morbidity. All of this imposes the usage of an unified tactic for diagnosing, treating and monitoring patients with that disease, aiming to achieve maximized beneficial effect for them, and said tactic to be marked in a fitting, simplified, but understandable, medical form.



Malignat melanoma; treating; monitoring; medical form

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