Clinical characteristics of pilar cysts with satellite cyst as a cause of recurrence after surgery

Hossein Kavoussi, Behnam reza Makhsoosi, Mansour Rezaei, Mahtab Azimi, Reza Kavoussi


Background Recurrence is the most common post-surgical complication of pilar cysts (PCs), which could be related to the satellite cysts (SCs), associated with PCs. This study was done to explore the characteristics of PCs with SCs.


Methods This analytic cross-sectional study was carried out on 98 patients suffering from PCs. Patients’ demographic data and characteristics of PCs with and without SCs were recorded.


Results Out of 98 (70 women and 28 men) patients with 821 PCs, 58 (5 9.2%) and 67 (8.2%) patients had SCs, respectively. In the patients with SCs, the women to men ratio, mean age and positive familial history were 34/6, 39.67±7.004 years and 85%, respectively. In the PCs with SCs, atypical morphologic presentation was seen in 89.5% of cases. PCs with a diameter of 2 cm were the most common cysts with SCs.


Conclusion We found PCs in women with positive familial history and atypical morphologic presentation and with sizes 1-3 cm were most probably associated with SCs. We recommend sonographic examination before surgery or high accuracy and appropriate time during surgery for PCs with the above mentioned features in order to not to miss the satellite cysts.



Cyst, pilar cyst, trichelemal cyst, epidermal cyst, recurrence, complication

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