Childhood herpes zoster: a study from tertiary center

Shashikant Malkud, Veeresh Dyavannanavar


Objective To document clinical features of herpes zoster in children.


Methods Thirty children with herpes zoster were included in the study. Detailed history and thorough clinical examination was done in all patients. Tzanck smear was prepared from the floor of vesicle. Blood was collected for complete blood count, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) serology, anti-VZV IgM and IgG antibodies. After parental consent skin biopsy was taken and sent for histopathology.


Results Of 30 children, 18 (60%) were boys and 12 (40%) were girls. Most of the patients were immunocompetent and only 3 patients were immunocompromised. Past history of varicella was noted in 13 (43.3%) patients. Only 5 (16.6%) patients had received VZV immunization. Thoracic dermatomes were more commonly involved in 17 (56.7%) patients followed by lumbar in 6 (20%), cervical in 5 (16.7%), cranial in 1 (3.3%) and sacral in 1 (3.3%) patient. Most of the children were asymptomatic and only 4 (13.3%) patients had noticed zoster associated pain.


Conclusion Most of the children with herpes zoster were immunocompetent. Thoracic dermatomes were more frequently involved. The disease is generally mild with fewer complications.



Children, immunocompetent, herpes zoster

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