Genital porokeratosis: A rare entity

Kikkeri Narayanshetty Naveen, SB Athaniker, D Joshika Bhandary, Rahul R Shetty, Dr. MD Chandan, Dr. Anitha S


Porokeratosis involving the genitalia can occur as part of generalized porokeratosis with genital involvement or as localized porokeratosis that is confined to the genital area. Porokeratosis confined to the genitalia (genital porokeratosis) is considered as an extremely rare entity and is classified as classic or plaque-type porokeratosis of Mibelli. Here, we report a 42-year-old male presenting with the itchy genital porokeratosis. This case has been presented for its classical presentation and rarity.



Genital, porokeratosis, itch

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