Dermoscopy of lichen planus hypertrophicus: a retrospective analysis

Abhijeet Kumar Jha, Md Raihan


Objective To evaluate dermoscopic pattern of lichen planus hypertrophicus (LPH).


Methods Retrospective analysis of 24 patients who were clinically and histopathologically diagnosed cases of LPH were included in the study. Dermoscopy was performed using Dermlite II® hybrid m dermatoscope at 10X magnification in polarized mode and photographs were captured.


Results Dermoscopy of LPH demonstrated structureless white areas and with linear streaks arranged in a radial manner in all patients (100%), structureless polychromatic areas including brown, gray and black in 14 patients (58.3%) , comedo-like openings in 10 patients (41.6%), brownish-black globules in 13 patients (54.6%), and structureless yellowish areas structures in 16 patients (66.6%).


Conclusion Dermoscopy is helpful in establishing a diagnosis of LPH.



Lichen planus hypertrophicus, dermoscopy

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