Efficacy of cryotherapy combined with topical cantharidin application versus cryotherapy and placebo in the treatment of verruca vulgaris: A randomized, controlled clinical trial

Simin Shamsi Meymandi, Mohammad Bagher Vaseli, Mahin Aflatoonian, Farzad Abroud


Objective To evaluate the efficacy of combined cantharidin and cryotherapy versus placebo and cryotherapy in common warts.


Methods This was a double-blind clinical trial conducted on 110 patients. Lesions in both groups underwent cryotherapy followed by topical solution of cantharidin and flexible collodion in case and control groups, respectively. Participants were assessed based on cure rate, adverse effects and recurrence rate.


Results Complete cure was achieved in cantharidin group after 3.4 treatment sessions vs. 4.7 in control group. In cantharidin group, higher prevalence of hyperpigmentation was reported but incidence of atrophic scar was lower than control group. Recurrence rate in both groups was not statistically meaningful.


Conclusion Cantharidin can be recommended as a safe and effective adjunct treatment in children and patients where other treatment modalities are contraindicated.



Common warts, cantharidin, cryotherapy

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