Cosmetic hair colorants - to beautify or to destroy!

Vinma H Shetty, Farzana Nazmuddin, Ashish Shetty


Objective To determine the adverse effects of hair colorants on hair and skin and to find an association between types/usage of hair colorants and their adverse effects.


Methods This cross-sectional, questionnaire-based study was done on female medical students and faculty only. A questionnaire was given to a sample of 150, which matched our criteria. SPSS software 17 was used for data analysis.


Results Mean  age of the subjects was 25.41±3.13 years. Incidence of adverse effects among frequent users of hair dyes was 48.8%. Incidence of adverse effects among occasional users of hair dyes was 38.5%. Diffuse non-scarring alopecia (34%) was the most common adverse effect on hair. A higher percentage of adverse effects were observed in subjects who used permanent organic hair dyes.


Conclusion There is a significant positive association between hair dye use and various adverse consequences in the hair and skin. Furthermore, permanent hair dyes cause more damage than other vegetable or temporary dyes.



Adverse effects, frequent users, permanent hair dyes

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