Use of vibration anesthesia in hair restoration surgery

muhammad ahmad, Muhammad Humayun Mohmand


Objective To compare the pain levels in supraorbital/supratrochlear nerve blocks with and without the use of vibration in patients undergoing hair restoration.


Methods The study was conducted on 20 patients undergoing 1st session of hair restorative surgery. The nerve block, on one side, was administered with the vibrator and on the other side without it. The vibration was started 3-5 seconds prior the insertion of the needle. The patients pain scores were recorded using the Wong-Baker Faces Pain scale (0-10).


Results The mean age 29.7 years (range, 24-37 years). The mean pain score with the vibrator was 2.4 (range, 1-4) whereas the mean pain score was 4.6 (3-6) without the vibrator. There were 30% smokers. The average pain score in smokers vs. non-smokers was 6.2 vs. 4.3 on the side without vibrator and it was 3.8 vs .2.0 on the side with the vibrator, respectively. None of the patients opted to undergo procedure without the vibrator for the next session.


Conclusion The use of vibration decreases the severity of pain perceived by the patients.



pain; local anaesthesia; hair restoration; nerve block

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